How Dubai is Attracting International Students

How Dubai is Attracting International Students


Students from around the globe study in Dubai’s 60 international university campuses and colleges. The Chinese national Yu Han learned a great deal about other cultures while studying hospitality management at Amity University in Dubai. Having dreamed of studying abroad since I was a teenager, Han wants to learn more about the world. I moved to Dubai for my higher education after my parents lived here for a few years. Being exposed to so many different cultures and backgrounds was a shock when I first arrived in Dubai.” After six years, Han is still living in Dubai and plans to earn his Master’s degree.

Several International Credentialed Courses Are Offered Throughout the UAE,

Including vocational qualifications for two years, higher national diplomas for three and four years, and postgraduate degrees for Masters and PhDs. With Dubai positioning itself as a center of innovation, the city is also attracting world-class research and development centers, including Moorfields Eye Hospital, Johns Hopkins University, and Astrolabs. Students who graduate from Dubai’s schools join the workforce of innovators and entrepreneurs shaping the emirate after they finish their studies. The city of Dubai offers a wealth of employment opportunities beyond higher education since it is the regional base for several Fortune 500 companies.

The Fact That Dubai Has No Income Tax,

A climate that is sunny throughout the year, and commendable safety statistics all make Dubai the ideal destination for students. One of the key reasons Leonardo Hechler, a German student, chose to study in Dubai was the lifestyle. Hechler, a Bachelor of Business Administration student at the University of Wollongong, says he chose Dubai over the USA or Canada because of the nice and safe environment.

It offers everything I’m looking for, including an international community, international cuisine, beach life, and sunshine! “With Dubai’s ambitious expansion plans to be a home away from home for 5.8 million by 2040, the number of people studying there has grown to 60,000 – a figure expected to continue to grow.

International Education:

International Education in Dubai – Dubai is one of the fastest-growing study-abroad destinations in the world. Dubai is investing heavily in its higher education sector in order to achieve its Vision 2071 goals of becoming a knowledge-based economy. There are more than 20 global universities within Dubai that have branch campuses, including top universities such as Heriot-Watt University Dubai, De Montfort University Dubai, University of Wollongong Dubai, Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai, and Murdoch University Dubai. A brand new campus of 5000 seats will be opened in 2021 by the University of Birmingham, a member of the UK’s prestigious Russell Group.

Educating International Students in Dubai:

The beauty of the beaches, the luxury hotels, and the world-class shopping in Dubai make it a particularly attractive destination for students. A few of its most eye-catching architectural landmarks include the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah, the World Islands, the Dubai Frame, and the Eye of Dubai. In recent years, Dubai has become one of the best places to do business in the world thanks to favorable regulations and policies. Consequently, there has been exponential growth in the private sector post-Covid. Global tech giants and Fortune 500 companies now call Dubai home. Students have ample opportunities after graduation as a result of this thriving job market. Additionally, students choose this city because of its high level of safety. Aside from having one of the lowest crime rates in the region, Dubai also has one of the most tolerant attitudes towards diverse religious, cultural, and linguistic traditions.

  • Students from international countries seek professional assistance more often.

Student Use of These Apps: Why Do They Do It?

A liberal arts education traditionally includes Assignment writing. An assignment must be written coherently and elegantly to be considered scholarly. In most cases, students who are not able to write well when they graduate are not good students. The importance of writing in curricula has led to a large number of cheap dissertation writing services being offered to students today.

As Early As Junior High And As Late As Ph.D.,

this is the case. Students’ grades in an average undergraduate class can be determined by short essays, dissertations, term papers, and other writing-related assignments. In the current environment, students are constantly under pressure to submit several A-grade papers each semester. It is not surprising that students have found innovative ways to deal with the pressure as it has mounted. Increasingly, teachers and professors are discovering that students use so-called “essay writing services” to accomplish their assignments. According to some, these services amount to cheating, while others believe they don’t.

Various Reasons Motivate Students To Use These Services,

There is a possibility that the student simply has too much work and would like to outsource some of it. The number of students who use these services is on the rise. Students from other countries may also seek these services if English is not their native language. Students may hire freelance writers whenever they feel like writing because of the relative ease of hiring them.


Freelancing is popular among STEM undergraduates. Suppose you are a first-year engineering student writing a 5,000-word paper on Hemingway for English 101. What is your level of commitment to this task? You will lose your GPA if you fail the class without turning in the essay. Hemingway is not important to you enough to spend 5,000 words on him. In terms of your major, this is not a relevant lesson.

So it’s not a big deal to hire a writer to do the job for you, is it? A specific group of students is more likely to hire outsiders to write their papers for them. There are students who don’t take their writing assignments seriously, don’t believe the assignments are relevant to them, or aren’t confident about their writing ability.


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