WCAG stands for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which defines four principles of website accessibility, i.e., perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust. In simple terms, these principles help guide organizations on how to make their content accessible to the disabled minority of the human population.

Over the past decade, several companies have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars fighting lawsuits and consumer care due to a lack of compliance with the WCAG. The internet should be accessible to everyone, which is why following these standards set by the World Wide Consortium is necessary.

The fastest and most affordable way to increase your website’s accessibility is through a wcag checker. It checks your website for written transcripts, user interface, navigation operations, closed captions, and other technological advancements to assist people with visual, hearing, and cognitive disabilities. Not only will it save you from losing hundreds of millions in expensive lawsuits, but it’s also meant to provide other benefits as well. In this article, we will explore three benefits of testing your website’s accessibility.

  • Enhanced Performance

Checking your website’s accessibility goes above and beyond just catering to disabled people. It also helps improve your website’s performance by developing a more efficient user interface, easily operable navigation features, and making the tools less cluttered.

If your company does not have software and tools to support incoming messages from people with speech impairment, you are losing a ton of user traffic that could enhance your user traffic significantly. Investing in hardware and software technology and training your staff to deal with people with similar disabilities will make communication much more efficient.

  • Generates Higher Profits

Since an accessible website caters to a much larger audience, it also helps in generating higher revenue. By making the interface more efficient, operable, and less cluttered, you not only are assisting disabled people but also increasing your website’s traffic. 

Once you have created a sleek website and published SEO-driven content, the next goal is to make the users stay longer. Your business wouldn’t gain a lot of success if your website has a high bounce rate. A WCAG compliance checker helps determines the website’s performance, usability, and engagement. This helps you identify web pages that show poor performance and bring in change accordingly.

  • Improves Brand Value

It is no news that companies that share core values with their customers are more likely to grow faster, have excellent customer acquisition, and perform better financially. Nowadays, people want to be associated with a brand that shares their beliefs and core values. The line between personal and professional values has been blurred, and a wcag compliance checker helps customers connect to your brand more by assisting people with visual, hearing, and learning disabilities. Accessibility shows that you are not ignorant and believe in the idea of equal opportunities by stepping out of your way to assist 16 percent of the population.

As much as wcag compliance and website accessibility are essential, understanding, planning, and following its guidelines can be overwhelming. Inclusive Ally is a one-stop destination for all your web compliance needs that works in coordination with your web developers to make content accessible to all.

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