What is Your Motivation to go to Study in the UK?

What is Your Motivation to go to Study in the UK?


You are guaranteed to fall in love with one of the United Kingdom’s many popular study-abroad destinations, regardless of whether you are looking for the fast-paced lifestyle of London or the more laid-back culture of Edinburgh.

Studying abroad in the United Kingdom for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree has become more popular among international students, and it’s easy to understand why. Here are 7 great reasons why you should study in the UK, regardless of whether you’ve already considered studying abroad there or not.

Universities Here Are Among The Best in the World:

The UK offers world-renowned institutions for studying. In the Global University Rankings, there are six British institutions, including Oxford and Cambridge, both of which score 100% for academic reputation. Research papers from the UK are often among the most cited in the world for a reason!

Qualifications and Degrees Recognized Internationally:

Because UK universities are world-class, your degree will be highly respected by employers around the globe, giving you an advantage over other candidates. A graduate from a UK university is among a group of very talented alumni. According to the British Council, 38% of Nobel Laureates studying abroad studied in the UK.

The Cheapest Study Destination:

Studying abroad in the UK is significantly cheaper than in the US or Australia, or other English-speaking destinations. There is at least a £2,000 to £3,000 difference between tuition fees in the UK and tuition fees in the US and Australia. In contrast to the US’s (18,000+) and Australia’s (25,000+) requirements, the UK visa application requires only £16,000 in your bank account.

An Enormous Student Population (and one that is growing!)

In the United Kingdom, there is a university in almost every city, so students are everywhere – and they are growing every day! As the number of students in higher education in the UK increases every year, you will always be surrounded by like-minded people from all walks of life (and, more importantly, you will be able to find shops and restaurants that offer student discounts). Studying abroad is one of the most enjoyable aspects of making lifelong friends from around the world by integrating into such student populations.

The Best Way To Stay Healthy Is With Free Healthcare:

Studying in the UK for six months or longer gives you access to the National Health Service, which is free of charge. There is still a charge for medicine under the NHS, but it is also capped so you will only ever have to pay a set fee regardless of the cost of the medicine. The benefit of this is that it gives students who are worried about funding their study abroad experience a great deal of peace of mind. It’s worth it just in case you get sick, even if you don’t!

Studying And Working:

You can work up to 20 hours per week as a part-time worker with your student visa. In addition, there is a guaranteed minimum wage in the UK, so you could earn at least £118.00 before tax each week to help fund your studies. The BBC, Rolls-Royce, and Burberry are among the internationally famous companies based in the UK you can intern at through your university. After studying abroad, you’re guaranteed to have a great resume.

Satisfaction Rating For Students At The Highest Level:

With over 90% of the UK’s 2.32 million students satisfied with their educational experience, the UK boasts one of the highest satisfaction rates among English-speaking countries. There are a variety of locations, universities, and programs available across the UK, so this is an impressive number! It is therefore nearly certain that no matter in which city you study abroad in the UK, you will enjoy your time there.

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