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Truckslife, the UK’s fastest-growing trucking and haulage platform, addresses the pressing issue of HGV driver shortage in the industry. Offering a one-stop solution for all trucking needs, Truckslife connects companies with potential candidates for HGV jobs and other trucking-related roles. Businesses in need of HGV drivers can advertise job openings on our platform, while individuals can search and apply for truck jobs with our easy application process.

Truckslife is unique in being a single source website and mobile app for everything related to the haulage, transport, and logistics business. With targeted audiences and modern advertising features, Truckslife has become the go-to platform for HGV driving jobs. We offer a captivated audience, cost-effective advertising, ease of use, instant confirmation, and easy editing of adverts, among other benefits.

We also ensure maximum exposure for job adverts by posting them across multiple social platforms. This helps businesses fill their HGV driver jobs in the shortest possible time. Truckslife is the ideal platform to find skilled HGV drivers and other trucking professionals, whether they’re newly qualified or experienced drivers.

Advertising HGV jobs on Truckslife

Advertising HGV jobs on Truckslife is a simple and flexible process. Companies can choose between the Standard Plan (pay-as-you-go) or the Professional Plan (monthly subscription). Both plans offer multiple advert durations, volume discounts, and easy job advert creation.

The growing demand for HGV driving jobs in the UK makes Truckslife an essential resource for businesses and drivers alike. With the massive shortage of HGV drivers post-Brexit and COVID pandemic, there are numerous opportunities for qualified drivers to advance their careers.

If you’re an HGV driver seeking truck jobs or a business in need of skilled professionals, Truckslife is your ultimate solution. Explore our platform, discover the right job for your skills, and get hired quickly.


Why advertise HGV driving jobs on Truckslife?

Truckslife has thousands of monthly visitors and a vast pool of potential HGV drivers and trucking professionals, making it the perfect platform for job adverts.

How do I post a job advert for HGV driver jobs on Truckslife?

Choose between the Standard Plan (pay-as-you-go) or the Professional Plan (monthly subscription) to advertise your HGV job openings.

Does Truckslife accept newly qualified drivers for HGV driving jobs?

Yes, Truckslife caters to both experienced and newly qualified HGV drivers.

What types of jobs are available on Truckslife?

Truckslife offers a wide range of HGV driving jobs, along with other industry-related roles like management, sales, admin, accounts, vehicle engineering, warehouse, logistics, and training.

What sets Truckslife apart from competitors?

Truckslife delivers a transparent, cost-efficient, and hassle-free advertising platform with targeted audiences and easy job advert creation.

How quickly can I expect to fill an HGV job vacancy on Truckslife?

While the time to fill a vacancy depends on various factors, our platform’s targeted audience and wide reach help expedite the hiring process.

How do I edit or update a job advert on Truckslife?

You can easily edit or amend individual adverts at any time for free, 24/7, by logging into your account and making the necessary changes.

Can I track the performance of my job adverts on Truckslife?

Yes, you can view the hits/views on your individual advert counter to monitor your job advert’s performance.

Is Truckslife suitable for temporary and contract HGV jobs as well as permanent positions?

Yes, Truckslife caters to all types of HGV job requirements, including temporary, contract, and permanent positions.

Do I need to register on Truckslife to advertise job openings?

Yes, all individual users and companies must register on Truckslife to advertise HGV job vacancies.

At Truckslife, our core values include integrity, trust, honesty, and commitment to delivering an unparalleled hiring experience. Our tech-savvy experts utilize cutting-edge practices to provide the best results in record time. Advertise your HGV jobs on Truckslife for an unmatched, hassle-free experience backed by a dedicated support team.

Advantages of Truckslife:

Targeted Audience: Our platform caters specifically to the trucking and haulage industry, attracting a focused audience interested in HGV jobs and related roles.

Wide Reach: We automatically post job adverts across multiple social platforms to increase exposure and attract more candidates.

Easy Job Advert Creation: Our platform offers a simple selection approach to create and post job adverts, saving time and effort.

Cost-Effective Advertising: Truckslife provides real value for money with clearly defined and laid out advert plans for pay-as-you-go and monthly subscription options.

Responsive Support: Our dedicated support team is always available to help you with any issues or queries related to your job adverts.

Flexibility: Truckslife caters to a wide range of job requirements, from HGV driving jobs to management, sales, admin, accounts, vehicle engineering, warehouse, logistics, and training positions.

User-Friendly Platform: Truckslife’s clean and modern advertising platform is easy to navigate and free from annoying popups.

Advert Performance Tracking: Monitor the performance of your job adverts with individual advert counters, giving you valuable insights into your campaign’s success.

Continuous Improvement: Truckslife constantly evolves and updates its platform to meet the changing needs of the trucking and haulage industry.

Commitment to Excellence: Our core values of integrity, trust, honesty, and commitment ensure that Truckslife consistently delivers an unparalleled hiring experience.


In conclusion, Truckslife is the ultimate platform for both businesses seeking skilled HGV drivers and trucking professionals looking for their next career opportunity. Our targeted audience, wide reach, easy job advert creation, cost-effective advertising options, and dedicated support make Truckslife the premier choice for navigating the trucking and haulage industry’s job market.


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